Who we are 

We’re a bunch of cool people who just really love doing what we do. Though we each do our own thing, we’re brought together by the one goal: to make a great product. High energy, youthful ideas, and constant innovation is what you’d feel if you hung around us.

Our home is the Draugiem Group (est. 2004), known for producing high-quality software solutions. 

The idea of our business came to us when we needed inspirational posters for one of our startups' offices but there weren't any good options to choose from. So we decided to make our own and sell them.

We thought that we can't be the only ones with this problem, and we were right!

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We started out by printing posters in a living room and soon the business picked up. Our designs, message, and products caught on quickly and we outgrew our space in no time.

Today, we've expanded way beyond just selling posters. However, our mission remains the same: to inspire you and your team to do your best work.

We make almost all our products on demand with Printful. That means that we're able to deliver high-quality products quickly and sustainably to any workspace around the world.

Printful was originally created to meet the needs and quality standards set by Startup Vitamins.

Much to our own surprise, Printful has grown far beyond our expectations and is now one of the leading print-on-demand drop shippers worldwide.

We're super happy that we can spark inspiration in workplaces around the world and very thankful for all the people that have joined us and supported us along the way.

We've gotten far, but we'll go even further now that you're here. Thanks for joining us.


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